Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric Evaluations services offered in Cary, NC

Psychiatric evaluations can offer insight into your emotional well-being, cognitive function, behaviors, or surgical readiness. At Cary Behavioral, Health serving Wake, Johnson, and Durham counties, North Carolina, Waheed Bajwa, MD, Maggie D’Angelo, PMHNP-BC, and the team provide detailed psychiatric evaluations for various purposes, including diagnosing psychiatric disorders, psychiatric clearance for bariatric surgery and to have spinal cord stimulator or eligibility for adoption . Call the office or schedule an appointment online today for your next psychiatric evaluation.

Psychiatric Evaluations Q & A

What are psychiatric evaluations?

Psychiatric evaluations are detailed assessments to review your mental health and well-being. Some are more general, while others focus on certain diagnoses or serve specific purposes within mental health care. 

The team at Cary Behavioral Health specializes in providing psychiatric testing to diagnose mental health disorders, help you prepare for bariatric surgery, or evaluate a disability. They also provide neuropsychological testing and lab testing for objective measurements that may assist with treatment planning. 

Which types of psychiatric evaluations can I get?

Cary Behavioral Health offers general comprehensive psychiatric evaluations alongside multiple more specific assessments you may need under certain circumstances. You can visit the office for:

Bariatric surgery evaluations

  • You’ll need a psychiatric evaluation before you get bariatric surgery for weight loss. The team asks a series of questions regarding your family psychiatric history, personal history, substance use, and current or past medications. They also include a discussion about your eating habits. 

Personality assessments

  • Personality assessments offer insight into your traits and characteristics. They can tell you a lot about your strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors. 

Disability evaluations

  • A psychiatric disability evaluation can be requested by government entities, employers, and other institutions. The assessment measures your level of disability to arrange accommodations or benefits in various settings. 

What happens after a psychiatric evaluation?

No matter which type of psychiatric evaluation you get at Cary Behavioral Health, you can expect a detailed explanation of your results and what they mean in the context of your treatment. The team often uses these assessments for diagnostic purposes, and their results can help guide your treatment. 

Which conditions can psychiatric evaluations assess?

Psychiatric evaluations can help you learn more about your mental health and function by identifying disorders causing your symptoms. The Cary Behavioral Health team uses psychiatric evaluations to diagnose or assess:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Addictions

While there are plenty of treatments available at Cary Behavioral Health, the team also maintains connections with other local medical experts to provide top-tier collaborative care. 


Call Cary Behavioral Health or schedule an appointment online for your next psychiatric evaluation today.