Addiction services offered in Cary, NC

Certain rewarding or stimulating activities can soon develop into behavioral disorders that impact your well-being and the lives of those closest to you. Waheed Bajwa, MD, Maggie D’Angelo, PMHNP-BC, and the team at Cary Behavioral Health serving Wake, Johnson, and Durham counties, North Carolina, specialize in treating addictions. The practice specializes in behavioral addictions like gambling, food, technology, and sex. we provide evaluations for addiction to various psychoactive substances like alcohol, cocaine, opioids, cannabis, crystal meth etc . Call Cary Behavioral Health or schedule your evaluation and treatment consultation online today.

Addiction Q&A

What are behavioral addictions?

The team at Cary Behavioral Health specializes in treating behavioral addictions, which involve compulsive, repeated behaviors that you engage in over a long period of time. Behavioral addictions aren’t just hobbies or things you like to do: They can have a major and widespread negative impact on your life and well-being. 

When you visit Cary Behavioral Health with symptoms or signs of a harmful behavioral addiction, the team evaluates your case with detailed psychiatric evaluations. They review your behaviors, personal medical history, and family medical history. 

Behavioral addictions typically involve behaviors that are stimulating/rewarding by dopamine release. While you might enjoy engaging in the behavior at first, eventually, it can harm your mental or physical health and even the well-being of those around you. 

Which type of behavioral addiction do I have?

Cary Behavioral Health provides individualized care for several common behavioral addictions. Even if you don’t notice the signs of addiction yourself, a loved one might observe changes in your moods or behaviors. You can visit the team to manage a:

Gambling addiction

  • Gambling is highly stimulating and addictive because it activates the reward center in your brain. If you have a gambling addiction, the team at Cary Behavioral Health can help you modify your behaviors. 

Technology addiction

  • You can be habituated  to using a phone, computer, video games, or other technologies that are difficult to stop using. 

Sex addiction

  • Sex addiction causes hypersexuality to the point that it can cause personal distress and harm your closest relationships. 

Food addiction

  • Though Cary Behavioral Health doesn’t treat eating disorders, they can manage treatment for food addiction. 

Can I treat a behavioral addiction on my own?

Treating a behavioral addiction can be challenging without professional direction. The experienced team at Cary Behavioral Health typically treats addiction with targeted medication management and individual and group therapy , which aims to help you modify your thoughts and behaviors. 

While it can take time to overcome a behavioral addiction, the team offers ongoing support with regular visits to Cary Behavioral Health and can modify your care plan according to your changing needs. They can also treat psychiatric disorders that coincide with behavioral addictions such as depression and anxiety. 


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